Challenge of Internal Communication

Collecting shift reports in log books or spreadsheets and losing time transferring data from logs to reports is inefficient and a thing of the past. Employers want to capitalize on the knowledge of employees within a plant. Management wants to provide clear communication and instructions between departments even in rotating shift environments.

The Production Data Solution makes it easy to improve communication between managers, supervisors and employees with our Instructions and Shift Reporting Module. We provide one location where daily instructions can be easily entered by managers or supervisors and easily retrieved and reviewed by workers who need the information. From the same web page, information needed about each shift’s performance can be easily entered and instantly available in report form with no need to compile stacks of excel spreadsheets.

Capture and Distribute Information

  • Simple to create input forms for Shift Reports – text, drop down lists, true/false, numerical data
  • Input is quick and easy and can be done from any web browser or mobile device
  • View data in a report or data table or graphed over any time period
  • Leave Instructions by area or by department
  • Can request or require acknowledgement of individual instructions
  • Historical reporting with digital signatures

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