Data Collection & Reporting
Collect data directly from plant floor equipment. Build reports customized for your industry to calculate and display operations data throughout your organization. Drill into the data with our easy to use graphing tools.
Downtime Analysis
Capture real-time data directly from your PLC, HMI or Historian. Automatically calculate KPI’s such as uptime, reliability, and utilization. A wide variety of reports provide accurate, up-to-date information to help you evaluate your performance and improve your operation.
Shift Reporting & Instructions makes it easy to improve communication between managers, supervisors and employees with our Instructions and Shift Reporting Module. We provide one location where daily instructions can be easily entered by managers or supervisors and easily retrieved and reviewed by workers who need the information.
Remote Equipment Monitoring
Whether your equipment is located around the world or across town, having real-time information from all locations can be a challenge. Use the power of to centralize monitoring of remote equipment.
Display information from all aspects of your operation in a dashboard format that suits your audience. Up-to-date information at your fingertips.
Alarm Management
Effective alarm management is critical to effective plant operation. Our Alarm Management can provide insight into your alarm system performance by helping you determining the sequence of events during a production incident, identifying nuisance alarms and making it easy to research alarm history.
DATS Lab Data Management
DATS is a full featured laboratory information management system, built for the challenges of today’s business and manufacturing environment. From the moment a sample enters the lab, every aspect of the laboratory process can be tracked and quantified.
Safety & Document Management offers an easy to implement website creation tool making up-to-date information for workers on your plant floor just a click away.