Data Gathering and Reporting Module

The ProductionData.com Data Gathering and Reporting Module makes it simple to turn your manufacturing data into useful information. Customized for your industry; collect, calculate and display data. Build reports to provide operations data throughout your organization. Drill into the data with our easy to use graphing tool. The possibilities are endless and everything can be configured and modified by you to meet your changing needs. We collect data directly from multiple sources; PLC’s, HMI’s, data historians, etc, and combine that with input from users, bringing your data into one location, accessible by any web browser or mobile device. We remove the need for manual manipulation of data through a collection of spreadsheets. By capturing data automatically, directly from your plant floor, your staff can focus on process optimization instead of data manipulation.

Our engineers and programmers are experienced in data collection and integration with PLC’s, HMI’s and Historians. We can help you select the right way to safely and effectively interface with your equipment to directly gather information about your operation.

Once data is collected reports can be created in any style and format that meets the needs of your business. Reports are completely customizable by the customer.

chartAll individual data points collected can be quickly displayed in a graphic format.
chartData points can also be displayed in a table format, retrieved instantly for any time range.
chartProductionData.com can provide Daily, Month-To-Date and Year-To-Date totals or calculate Inventories.
chartCalculate averages – highlight values out of target ranges.
chartWith easy to enter forms, gather manual data daily and calculate totals for any purpose. No spreadsheets to break. No training required because data entry is through a familiar webpage form.
chartNo need to transfer data from one report to another. All of data is available in one database. Create any report form you desire and make that information available to all who need it.

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