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Downtime reporting is the cornerstone for our reliability improvement programs, tracking the incidents to the right equipment provides opportunity for analysis for frequency and costs.  It is also a great historian for recurring issues.

Wayne Hoffman
Maintenance Manager Argos

Communication and data access is critical for effective plant operation.  It is important to be able to continually modify tools and methods for those purposes.  ProductionData has been very creative and versatile in helping us to develop a solution that meets our needs, and continue to support us beyond the initial concept and installation.

Michael Saeger
Operations Manager Argos

The Plant Focus Shift Reporting Module has improved communication within our plant.  I have a clear picture of the events from overnight before I even arrive at the plant.  Efficiently capturing input from our operators not only saves time, but also provides accurate information and  improves our ability to troubleshoot issues.  The level of customer care, and attention to detail provided by ProductionData is hard to find.

Craig Gordinier
Operations Manager , Argos USA

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