Alarm Management

Effective alarm management is critical to effective plant operation. Our Alarm Management can provide insight into your alarm system performance by helping you determining the sequence of events during a production incident, identifying nuisance alarms and making it easy to research alarm history. can pull alarm information from your PLC’s or HMI software. Alarms can be sorted based on Groups or Shops defined by the customer. All information available about the alarm condition can be captured. An example of alarm details might include start time, end time, severity, duration and a description of the event. This provides a time stamped sequence of events for troubleshooting.

The alarm module can also be used to send emails or texts based on alarm conditions, alerting you instantly of issues. Users can subscribe to the alerts of their choice. Views for alarm limits are also available.

Alarm summaries can also be reviewed for any time period, providing the number of times each alarm occurred and the average duration of each event during the selected time period.

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