Production Data simplifies the collecting, monitoring, and analyzing of critical data associated with manufacturing plants, equipment and systems. Production Data’s software and services can be scaled for industry and plant size, offering a valuable assessment of data that is tailored to your business. Production Data’s Sugar Creek Missouri location is dedicated to helping clients improve efficiency, safety and costs through tracking and analysis of critical operational plant processes.

Our Services

Downtime Analysis

Production Data provides Downtime Analysis services in Sugar Creek, Missouri to evaluate plant performance and improve systems’ uptime, reliability and utilization. Downtime Analysis services include: capturing real-time data from plant equipment, tracking detailed equipment information, and compiling associated feedback from Operations and Maintenance. In addition to compiling information, communicating system-wide impacts is possible with scheduled, circumstance, and incident event management. Production Data’s Downtime Analysis is designed to assess key performance indicators and enhance your operation.

Shift Reporting & Instructions

When it comes to the work environment, communication is key. Production Data in Sugar Creek, Missouri designed the Shift Reporting Module to ensure instructions can be generated by managers and retrieved by workers who need the information – all in one easy to access system. Built in to our Shift Reporting Module software are the tools to help your team excel.

Safety & Document Management

Production Data offers manufacturing plants in Missouri a simple way to access up-to-date information through our Safety and Document Management software. This electronic tool supports channel-wide delivery of important documents to employees – in a clear and concise way. A document can be updated easily, changes tracked and employees notified of critical version updates immediately.

You Can Count On Production Data

Production Data’s mission is to make Missouri manufacturing plants’ operation smooth and simplified. Our electronic solutions collect valuable information, then we perform the analysis and report on recommended optimal updates. Let us set your manufacturing business onto the path of success.